G117599 IPG Photonics YLP-G-10 10-Watt Laser System

G117599 IPG Photonics YLP-G-10 10-Watt Laser System


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Product ID: G117599

This IPG Photonics YLP-G-10 Laser System appears to be in good cosmetic condition, although there are a few small dings, scratches, & signs of previous use. Please look at the photos.

A 532 nm, green wavelength version of the YLP laser available in 5 W and 10 W with each producing M2=1.2. The 5 W version operates at a maximum of 300 kHz with 1.3 nsec pulse width and 0.014 mJ per pulse. The 10 W version operates to 600 kHz with the same pulse width and mode. Excellent choice for high speed metal marking requiring little or no heat affected zones.

The unit comes with one Power Switch Key, and has only been tested to power-up.

I do not have the equipment or training to formally test this item so it is being sold as is.

The unpacked dimensions of this item are approximately 29“L x 24“W x 17“H.