C101148 PWS Pacific Western Systems P8AMS Probe II Station SemiAuto Wafer Prober

C101148 PWS Pacific Western Systems P8AMS Probe II Station SemiAuto Wafer Prober


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Product ID: C101148

This Pacific Western Systems (PWS) model P8AMS Probe II Station Semi-Automatic Wafer Prober looks to be in good cosmetic condition, showing some signs of wear.

It features a Trio-Tech International Artic TC Temperature Controlled Chuck (8" Gold), a PWS Probe II Power Supply/Controller, and an EL-1302 Wafer Prober Drivers Unit with handheld controller.

The chuck is mounted within a chamber, and the lid can be raised and lowered.

The system powers up, and the stage moves around, and the system responds to input from the controls. When I pressed the start button, the stage started moving around automatically. I was also able to move it around manually using the manual control buttons and switches. The 2-Axis Positioning arch which moves over the probing chamber is controlled by the EL-1302 Drivers unit, and the handheld controller. It moves forward and back, and side to side.

This is the extent of my testing of this probing system, and it is being sold as-is. Please see the photos above, and additional photos links below, for detail.

Approximate overall unpacked dimensions: 38"L x 47"W x 58"H.