G96881 Asymtek A-612C Dispensing System

G96881 Asymtek A-612C Dispensing System


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Product ID: G96881

This Asymtek Dispensing System, model number A-612C, appears to be in good cosmetic condition, although there are a few dings and scratches, signs of previous use. Please look at the photos. The unit powers-up, the interior lights come on as well as lights on the operators panel. The computer powers-up and appears to go through its boot-up cycle properly. The computer then requests that you choose from various options to maneuver to the exact place in the software that you want to be. There is a Pulnix machine vision camera, with an illuminator ring, attached to the head unit. I was able to zero return all three axis. Then I was also able to manually move all three axis around the table in rapid traverse or feed modes.
There are a few hand tools included as well as three sets of software disks, please see the photos.
I was not able to get the camera to work but this is probably due to my inexperience.
I do not have the equipment or training to formally test this item so it is being sold as is.

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